If You Are a Nigerian Resident or Living In Any African Countries I Will Show You

How to Send and Receive Money From The US, UK. Canada and Anywhere In The World Using PayPal Without Shutting Down Your Account

And How You Can Make This A Business That Can Profit You A Minimum of 300,000 to 450,000 Naira In A Month

Nigeria's No. #1 PayPal Expert popularly known as Blinkxy, for the first time published the NEW Way to Send, Receive and Make Money from anywhere in the world…

In few minutes, I'll show you how to receive, send and make money with paypal without worrying of having your accounts restricted, shut down or losing your money

Plus how you can make at least 300k monthly doing this for others

If you've been struggling to send, receive or make money in Nigeria or Africa or anywhere in the world…

On this page you’ll discover the one SECRET I used that saved me from the evil whips of PayPal to Nigerians and Africans as a whole and bypass the hurdle

If you are a skilled person…

…who have spent night and day, paid for courses, had sleepless nights mastering and honing your skill and now you are ready to launch yourself to the market and after serving the Nigeria market paying you 5 to 6 figures now you want to go into the foreign market.

You decide to UPGRADE, you pitch yourself on foreign jobs platforms…but there's that BIG WALL.

That prevents you from getting the kind of pay you so deserve from Foreigners, just because you can't receive funds from them…

…with the FEAR of either losing your money or being charged exorbitantly by PayPal Currency exchangers.

All of these can be bypass with what I am about to show you.

Or you are a Product Creator

…who found a need or problem in the market and then went ahead to create solution that solves the need.

And people have started buying the product…the going was good until a foreigner thought it wise to get it but couldn't.

All because he couldn't find a means to make payment

It was not only him, it included every other foreign customer that come your way…making you LOSE a large number of sales

If this is you, then you don't have to STRESS on this any longer because right now…you'll finally get the right solution to this big SALES PROBLEM.

Or you are a Pastor,
Prophet, Imam…

…who wants to send or receive seeds, invest in a business or buy something from foreign countries but you're stuck on how the money is going to get to that person abroad…

or how the fund can reach you here in Nigeria without losing your money to time and chance…

All of this can be bypassed, if you'll pay attention to the information I'll be telling you shortly…

Or you are someone who enjoys making purchases

…with Aliexpress, 1688 and other foreign e-commerce websites but get restricted when it’s time to pay or the inability of your money to reach the seller

Not to even talk of the limitations put on the Nigerian Card where you can’t spend more than $15

But all these struggles can become HISTORY after reading this SECRET

But then you might be wondering,

"Who is he and why should I
listen to him?"

My name is Abdulrasheed Abdulroqeeb also known as Blinkxy I am a digital entrepreneur I offer my skills as service, consult for brands and coach individual and organization.

With this prowess I have been able to travel to some countries and get myself a new car

…and over time I have been tagged as the No. #1 PayPal Expert in NigeriaI've been privileged to train over 1055 people how to Send, Receive and Make Money from any country in the world with PayPal.

Bypassing all the limitation that comes with it

But it was not always like that…

I am a guy pushed into the online space in 2019, I was told of the importance of high-income skills

I learned my skill and knew my onions so well that over time, Nigerians paid me N75,000…N100,000…N200,000 and more for my services but like Oliver Twist

I wanted more…and more I sought to get. I began to pitch to international markets

And fortunately, I got a client…we discussed and he settled to pay me $750

But as he asked me to send him my payment option…I got a bit lost. I searched for every means to help the money get to me but all to no avail

And that was how I lost my first foreign client…it was so EMBARRASSING and I was quite devastated.

This very sad incident pushed me into searching out every means to receive money from foreign clients

And after 3 months of intent research, asking questions, making enquiries and all…I discovered the SECRET which I've been using since 2020 to easily Send, Receive and even Make Money doing it for others from anywhere in the world.

I found out I was not the only one going through this struggle…and a lot of Nigerians like me also battled with this challenge

Leading me to teach others this SECRET, I had found…

And over time, I have taught;

And various other people who have been able to receive money international very EASILY…

What some of my students are saying

Press to play

"More than 80,000 Naira in one day"

200,000 Naira in pure profit

It's the best course for you out there

Make Minimum 6 Figures on a Monhtly Basis

700,000 thousands made

200,000 Naira in pure profit

And I wouldn't want this SECRET leaked only to a few persons and would want as many Nigerians having this challenge to embrace the world of this opportunity including YOU

Which led to the creation of this program

And in this course you'll discover;

[With this you never have to worry of not getting your account fully verified or that of your client, if you'll be selling your skill]

My students and I use these business models to make over 1 Million naira monthly.

You'll be able to create US PAYPAL for yourself and your clients. I personally charge #40,000 for this.

I will give you my secrets and strategies that make customers rush to me everyday.

[Imagine working for only 5 clients per day, a total of ₦50,000 in a day and ₦1, 500,000 in 30 Days and that’s possible..I will show you how to get this type of clients]

[Learn to write COMPELLING copies that get your target audience run at you]

I'll give you my ultimate guide to becoming a profitable exchanger.

Is That All?

Of course not!!

Remember I'm here to help you achieve all you can as a PayPal Expert…So you'll also;


Be granted FREE Access to my support group of over 1055+ students where you get to ask me any questions. (Worth 20k)

1,055 other people can’t be wrong, can they?

If you’re willing to sell your new found skill as a service I will be handing over to you The New Paypal Clients Acquisition Hack a neatly arranged pdf to get you clients that are ready to pay for your service.


Plus, Fast Action Takers Bonuses Today

1. You will learn how to convert Paypal funds to cryptocurrency.

2. You will learn how to convert prepaid card funds to cryptocurrency

Stop and imagine the peace of mind and smile you will get…

… when your account balance begin to read 300k and above monthly pure profit.

Think about what how it would transform your life IF you invest in this knowledge today…

In few hours you will on your road to become an EXPERT and you will have the key to:

It’s a full packed with massive bonuses and this is because:

I really want this to be as easy as breathing air for you because…

I know what you’re thinking right now.

You are wondering and asking…




How will I be sure that this is not one of all those hype and big promises we see regularly online?… Or.


How and where can I get the clients to pay me all this big money you are mentioning?

Wow, three strong questions and concerns there…


But don’t worry. In a moment I will answer them all.



First, I will say that you are not alone. And by the way… those are good questions and concerns you have there…




Now the truth is, getting clients to work for- Is one of the BIGGEST challenges folks working online face.




Believe me, I know where that feeling is coming from… And if you have ever done anything online before and struggled for clients trust me…




This is not going to be one of such experiences. How?


Because I’ve been there too but over the 3 to 4 years of offering this service as an expert…



My team and I have come to…


 Discover the SURE PREDICTABLE Strategies to Position yourself and MAGNET clients to your DM.


With the strategies I will reveal to you as a BONUS for investing in this knowledge today…


You will be able to MAGNET clients CONSISTENTLY to work with. I call it:

The Ultimate Clients Magnetor Guide (Bonus 1... ₦30,000)

With this guide you will be able to EASILY Magnet quality clients that are READY and willing to bring out their wallets…

You’ve seen it all as I explained a few minutes ago…

Imagine what working with just 10 clients monthly for any of the PayPal business models can do in your life in six months time.

And before I forget…

There is this major problem folks who work online and even most PayPal experts do face.

which is:

Mentorship or Guidance.

This brings us to your second question…

Is This NEW Business Model just a hype like other online businesses you’ve heared before ?

Now, look, I’ve seen several cases where a fellow is determined to change his financial story by working online for months…

but after a while they get frustrated and give up because there was no one to motivate and guide them.

I also started out with no mentor too. And I know how draining it is to be lonely in a no man’s land with no one to guide you.

Of course I wouldn’t want that to happen to you…

I wouldn’t want a case where you start this journey and give up along the way.

… Iron sharpens Iron… Friend sharpens Friend

Which is why:

Immediately you enroll into the NPB program. (as a bonus) You will be given:

INSTANT Access Into My Vip Support Group (Bonus 2... ₦10,000)

A group of my 1,055 Students who are experts.

1,055 people can’t be all wrong. Can they?

I have gathered them over the years and we have come together to form one community.

In-there, you can ask any question or throw suggestions and you will be given VIP attention. (Family stuffs lol)

Now you have seen NOTHING yet…

And this brings me back to what we talked about previously…

The secret of making money on TikTok.

You see, like I said before.

Thousands of youths are making it big on TikTok just by dancing for a few seconds.

And this seems unfair to me that:

Few people know the secret of how to make tiktok a ‘CASH WELL’ but they keep it as a secret.

I’m not sure if you have seen this anywhere…

But trust me, there are little unknown secrets that most of your favorite TikTok Influencers know which you don’t know.

And this troubles me because I think everyone should be given an equal and fair chance to monetize the enormous opportunities in our world today.

Here is the thing…

… I don’t know if those secrets have been hidden from you oryou don’t just knoe them but right here…

I want to offer you a Once in a lifetime chance by REVEALING:

The Little but Almost UNKNOWN Secrets to Building your FIRST 10k TikTok Followers as Fast and Easy as possible”

Through what I call the:

FIRST 10k TikTok Breakthrough Guide. (Bonus 3... ₦25,000)

As you enroll for the NPB program you are getting this guide from me as an additional bonus…

Adding it up with your PayPal skills you will become unstoppable also.

No more wishing to be like your favorite TikTok big accounts… But you will be one person to look up to.

And we are not done yet because:

There is this concern which I’ve wanted to tackle since I started getting the complaints from most of my former students.

Which is: Fake whatsapp tv scam.

Here is what they’re saying…

Few of my former students have previously complained:

… That they got scammed by some WhatsApp TVs after paying them to post their PayPal business flyers on their channel.

How wicked… Instead of advertising as was agreed they take the money and block your number.

Trust me it has been frustrating for many of my student which is why as a bonus…

I have also prepared two special goodies for you as your Scan Proof.

The PayPal Flyer Copy Draft & a List of few

Tested and Trusted Whatsapp TVs Bonus 4 (Scam Proof)

I have personally done business with them.


as a Bonus I will give you access to thier numbers where you can advertise promptly with your flyer design on their WhatsApp TV

Talking of flyers:

You might not know how important your flyer is for this business… But believe me;

A good copy and well designed flyer is one of the subtle secrets of attracting quality clients.

Since you are not a copywriter… I figured that you will struggle to write a compelling flyer-copy which is exactly why I prepared for you a copy draft…

As a DFY: You can copy and paste them then get a good graphics designer together with your quality picture and boom you have a compelling flyer.

I charge ₦20,000 per client for writing a flyer copy…

… But you will be getting it as a FREE Bonus… for investing in the NPB program

Adding to that:

I discovered that prospects become confused … just after watching the whole videos of any course… not knowing what to do or the next step to take:

To tackle this… I’ve created a special FREE report for you. Which I call the…

The What Next Guide Bonus 5

Inside this guide you will gain clarity…

On the next immediate step you should take as soon as you finish watching the videos inside the NPB program.

Trust me… as little as this guide…

It will give you a clear direction like holding your hands to guide you as you go on to start implementing what you’ve learnt.


Saving you all the time you would have wasted HOVERING around before you have a clear direction.

Now the last but not the least most important bonus is:

A FREE Access into my Premium Email List Bonus 6... ₦8000


This is a paid list of my premium email subscribers…

where I share VIP tips and updates about making money online opportunities INCLUDING AFFILIATE MARKETING.


That remains me in addition to this and just because I want this to be a complete package for you…

You will also grant access to my Ebook:

"Access to a Paid vpn
logins worth ₦19,200"

Wow, I feel I’m cheating myself. Because this one came off the box… I didn’t plan to include it here.

But because I want this to be a complete package I am willing to give it all.

So if you are an affiliate marketer trust me this book will come in handy.

It contains the SECRETS that most of The Top affiliates you see use.

I have sold and sold this book for 6000. But no problems…

you’re getting it FREE for investing in the NEW PAYPAL BLUEPRINT.

And all these normally cost $249 but to grant you easier access to this SECRET…

It would be running at a rate of $50/N50,000 TODAY!

For a limited time…which is why you have to take action NOW

The SECRET to sending, receiving and making money with PayPal has been placed right before your very eyes

Here's your chance to wave goodbye to losing your money and worrying over you having your account shut or restricted and make more money from clients

[Fast Action Takers Bonuses]

1. You will learn how to convert PayPal funds to cryptocurrency.

2. You will learn how to convert prepaid card funds to cryptocurrency.

Now I am sure you can barely keep up with how many bonuses there is…

So let’s recap the whole thing together:

You will be getting…

First: you have seen it all. And adding the price of the NPB course together with the whole bonuses should be up to ₦380,000 plus.

And I want you to know that this is not bluffing.

All these bonuses you see here are what I sell on a good day EACH.

But today you are having access to all of them totally FREE:

You will be getting The NPB Course… Together with the whole 7 Bonuses for a 'steal price' of just $50/₦50,000

Plus, Fast Action Takers Bonuses Today

1. You will learn how to convert Paypal funds to cryptocurrency.

2. You will learn how to convert prepaid card funds to cryptocurrency

'Risk Proof Guarantee'

What Is A Risk Proof Guarantee?

This is the 60 days 100% money refund that covers you.

Therefore... If you invest in the NPB course and within the first 60 days you don't make TRIPLE of the amount you invested on this program...

Just send me a picture of your well designed PayPal business flyer carrying your picture and

a screenshot of where you posted it in the whatsapp Tvs I recommend...

Then I'm refunding back your money 100% complete without any questions together with a public apology.

How is that for a risk?

Remember This is What You Will Be Getting For The NPB Offer


Before you go on…

I want you to imagine how your life would be in six months from now… IF YOU DON’T MAKE THIS INVESTMENT ON YOURSELF…

There is a 9/10 chance that you will still be the same financially. Not because you didn’t take this bold step today but because…

… you believe six months is a very short time for your financial life to transform from ‘Tragic to magic’. But:

Imagine: Creating for just 10 clients a U.S Paypal accounts ₦30,000 each. That’s ₦300,000 done and dusted in 31 days

And that not all…


The funny thing about this is…

Building up a SINGLE stream of income or business from scratch… can consume millions of Naira,Time and Energy in a twinkle.

But this time:

You will basically learn and master FIVE different streams of income in 3 hours…

… with just your phone by investing a little amount on yourself.


If just one part of this ‘5 in 1 income stream’ can bag you ₦300,000 in 30 days

How about the other 4 streams?

I guarantee that you will be on your way to six figures months from now.

Well, don’t take my word for it:

(The 60 days COMPLETE money refund Guarantee is there for you to hold as a Risk Proof)

And by the way… Read what my x students who were once like you are saying…

Just know you are doing this for yourself so: Invest on yourself by Clicking the green button below:

I can’t wait for your own testimony.

Plus, Fast Action Takers Bonuses Today

1. You will learn how to convert Paypal funds to cryptocurrency.

2. You will learn how to convert prepaid card funds to cryptocurrency

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