I thought it was a dream when I saw the ALERT adding up to a FLIPPING 700k!

True Life Experience: How a broke young man went from earning NOTHING to 700k WEEKLY!


It was in 2019, I found the possibility of earning online without money ritual

And with my naive knowledge, I was prepared to do just about anything to make this money.

I joined a referral program, where I earned N1000 per every referral…and it was all good (I had earned close to N20,000 from it)

But my happiness was so short-lived because soon enough the whole system crashed…

I gave making money in the online space another chance (no I wouldn’t give up after 1 failure)…

I went into mini importation and the going was good

But it’s like village people were after me COVID-19 BROKE OUT

I no longer had that opportunity to make money via this channel again

I was so FRUSTRATED and TIRED…I almost thought the online space was not for me.

But yes, I didn’t give up, I gave it another trial and this time I was ready to do it right

My past businesses had taught me a BIG LESSON…you cannot do this alone and without the right guide!

I decided to attach myself to someone who KNEW THE WAY, and that was how I met my mentor, Tamilore who changed the narrative for me

But guy it cost me!! I struggled to pay a big sum of N100, 000

And this opened me up to a one on one mentorship with Tamilore Adewuyi in January 2021

Myeself and My Mentor Adewuyi Tamilore

After due implementation, under strict mentorship...I learned all the strategies I needed to earn EASILY with Affiliate Marketing

And my first cash out was 700k!!

I thought that was all till I saw another payout...4 million naira!

Are you kidding me?

Pardon my courtesy…

I am Abdulrasheed Abdulroqeeb, also known as Blinkxy

A Digital Marketer and Affiliate Marketer. I help business owners and individuals increase revenue and make money leading to Financial Freedom.

Here is what Adedayo, my business partner (who is a Sales Consultant and Affiliate Marketer Said)

And Ada Billions an Affiliate Marketer said,

Let me leave my introduction for now and continue my story

Due to the massive knowledge gained under Mentorship, I knew there was more and then I wanted more!

Here's a picture of me and my mentor at the Information Marketing Seminar Held at Naira Bet Headquarters in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria

Some months down the line, Mentor Tamilore organized an Affiliate Marketing Challenge in November...I was amongst the winners who earned a FREE trip to Rwanda

Just with Affiliate Marketing? Yes!

I didn’t want to be the only one who found out this gold mine in AFFILIATE MARKETING (remember it’s eaten alone, die)

As such, I began training students…

…and with this knowledge, I’ve been able to help more than 100 students earn more than 6 figures in naira and more than 1500 in dollars!

Hear from the horse’s mouths…

Generated $7000 Dollars FROM a Platform

Judging from the progress of my students, I decided to train a new set and I want YOU to be a part of it

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If you're looking for another streams of income and make more money


You want to be able to take care of yourself and family without depending on anyone.

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You will to like to travel the world and chill with the big boys on a FREE trip to Rwanda like me here…this can be a dream come true.


And in this training you would be learning…not just the tactics to making it big with Affiliate Marketing


And that’s not all….


Remember my BIG LESSON…it’s EASIER walking the path with someone who Knows Road

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Why am I dishing all these out for FREE?

I know how it felt 2 years back when you desire to change your life but let down because of money

As such, I’m making this offer FREE, so ‘I don’t have the money would not be an excuse…

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