Dear Reader,

I’m showing you the picture of the Naira notes (Old and New) for two reasons:

First : To get your attention and

Secondly: To REMIND you of something you should be more concerned about…

… A problem that is far more deadly than the CASH SCARCITY.

Yes, the cash is hard to see or touch these days but, the fact is:

The Cash farmine is a “Temporal issue”. And no matter how hard this cash scarcity hits us: It will definately come and go.

But this particular problem I’m about to remind you of :

Has been, before you and I was born…

It’s here, as we speak and

It will be here when we are long gone from this earth.

Trust me, this will sound as nothing new to you but just like I said:


Well, maybe it’s because of the current cash fermine.

But would you believe me if I tell you that:

The same Naira Cash Scarcity is a…

“Once in life time oppourtunity” you can use to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF… and tackle this old deadly problem we want to talk about.

Okay, am running too fast and I guess you need some explanation.

So…First, I would reveal the name of this ‘Silent killer problem’ then…

A moment after, I will show you “How you can convert this CASH SCARCITY” into a lifetime oppourtunity and

Crush this problem I’m about to remind you of. Once and for all.

But what’s this OLD silent killer problem hunting down 9/10 people called?

Its nothing other than the old man called.



Of course you would agree with me that Poverty…

Has been a problem since the ages

Is still a problem and

It will still be a problem no matter what.

Now, let’s talk about the second most important part which is:

How to kill poverty and Insufficient fund to live the life you once dream of

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Permit me to introduce to you,

The Five Paypal Business Model

Sounds familiar right?

Yes I know you’ve heard of it before. But

One more thing…

Forget everything you’ve heard about Paypal because this is the…

UNTOLD STORY OF PAYPAL Business Model in Nigeria right now

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